Fire Escape Wall Shelf puts a little New York in your home

23096 zoom2 1024x1024 Fire Escape Wall Shelf puts a little New York in your home

This Fire Escape Wall Shelf is sure to add some urban character to your home.  It also makes a pretty nice spice rack or small shelf for your plants. Made out of wrought iron. Looks really cool paired with these awesome urban planters.

Find it on Urban Outfitters or

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Possibly the mightiest PEZ dispenser you’ve never seen – The Emilo Peztevez

emilio peztevez Possibly the mightiest PEZ dispenser youve never seen   The Emilo Peztevez

Okay, so you probably aren’t going to see this Pez dispenser on the shelves any time soon. But when the whole world finds out about this you’re going to wish you had come up with it first. Too bad. I did. One More Gadget 1, World 0.

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It ain’t rocket science. Boil water anywhere with The SunRocket Solar Water Heater

SunRocketLogoProductShot It aint rocket science. Boil water anywhere with The SunRocket Solar Water Heater

It might not be rocket science, but there’s definitely some science working here in this useful gadget. Introducing The SunRocket, a portable solar hot water kettle and thermos. The SunRocket uses the latest in solar thermal technology allowing it to heat up water and retain the heat for hours without the use of any electricity or battery power.

So how does it work? Glad you asked! It combines a vacuum tube with reflective panels to concentrate solar energy towards the container. Pretty simple idea and best of all, it works. It’s almost like wearing a black shirt in the sun on a hot day, but 20 times hotter.

Black Rocket in Stream 1 It aint rocket science. Boil water anywhere with The SunRocket Solar Water Heater

Mmm, drinking water never tasted so good. Perfect for camping, travel, mountaineering, or the end of the world. But don’t let the lack of emergency situtions stop you from using it. As well as for drinking, hot water can even be used for washing, cooking or rehydrating foods and best of all the heat treatment kills water borne bacteria. Sweet. Nothing like a bacteria free cup of Earl Grey.

Why sacrifice a good cup of tea just because you have a front row seat to the apocalypse. That’s what I always say. Heat up that water and tea bag that mug. Careful though, it’s hot.

09sunkettle It aint rocket science. Boil water anywhere with The SunRocket Solar Water Heater

It’s super easy to use, and doesn’t take too long. Just about a half hour in some sweet west coast sunshine and bob’s your uncle. Speaking of Bob. He went in the sun for a half hour with some reflectors aimed at his face just like the SunRocket. Let me tell you, I’ll never look at a sausage the same way again. Lather on that sun screen kids. SPF 50.


• Vacuated vacuum glass tube made from Vycor glass
• (95% silica, high temperature and thermal shock resistant) and copper / aluminum absorption
• Reflective aluminum panels
• High quality scratch and weather resistant plastics
• Pressure release valve
• BPA free, safe non toxic materials

Want one of these hot items? Check out the website here. Or enter our giveaway on One More Gadget’s Facebook Page.

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Supernova Powerball is an intense light workout

There’s been a lot of famous balls in history, Mad Balls, Dragonballz, Lucille Ball. But none have provided as much exercise and entertainment as Powerballs.

 Screen Shot 2013 10 27 at 9.52.55 PM Supernova Powerball is an intense light workout

Powerballs are the ultimate palm size exercise machine. They are great for working out your grip and forearms. After using one for a few weeks I can safely say the arms are shredded like iceberg lettuce in a Slap Chop. Ripped.

Each Powerball is equipped with a gyroscope that rotates inside. This provides resistance using it’s own centrifugal force. The intensity of your workout depends on you. The faster you spin it, the bigger the circle it tries to spin and keeping the rotations small takes a lot of strength!

Screen Shot 2013 10 27 at 9.52.33 PM Supernova Powerball is an intense light workout

I took this supernova ball to the office to show it off and the blue and white flashing lights drew quite a crowd. There were some people that just couldn’t get the hang of it, but generally most people were able to grasp the motion needed to keep it alive. After showing everyone all day long how it works I was unable to lift my arms up the next day. Someone told me I looked like a broken Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man.

It was a low point in my life but I’m doing fine now.

But anyway, it’s very fun to use, you just have to be careful to not overdo it. It’s hard to notice that it’s working up to 40lbs of resistance – but it does. So take it easy when you first give it a shot or you might just get the best forearm workout of your life.

The power balls are super fun. Some even come with counters so you can measure your speed and rotations. They even come in other colours and designs with different features that make great stocking stuffers!


powerball brandedstore1. V192236618  Supernova Powerball is an intense light workout

These Powerballs are great! I think I’m ready to graduate to two at a time.

Screen Shot 2013 10 27 at 10.20.47 PM Supernova Powerball is an intense light workout

On second thought. Better stick to one.

Grab your own Powerball right here and start spinning!

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