Need a Santa in a hurry? Get this Emergency Santa Kit

Emergency Santa Kit One More Gadget

Whether you have a bunch of kids freaking out at a party or a couple hotties you want sitting on your lap, this Santa-in-a-can is exactly what you need. This Jolly Emergency Santa Kit comes complete with a fuzzy Santa hat and a big white inflatable beard.

It’s designed to inflate with just one big Ho ho ho breath and will have you looking like the big ole elf in spite of yourself.

Hmm, but what do my wondering eyes should appear?

 A great deal and you can get it right here. 

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Introducing The Magic 8 Balls alter ego, the Sarcastic Ball

Sarcastic Ball One More Gadget
Oh yeah, your reeeeeally going to like this. It’s the sarcastic ball. It’s not like that other dumb ball that nooooobody ever used or liked at all, this purple ball is the one that evvvveryone wished they used instead.

You can ask it any question that you are feeling pretty good about and be given total attitude to put your confidence at bay. What, you think I’m lying? Ohh I care, really, I do. Yeah right.

I actually heard that this is Taylor Swifts favourite gift of the holiday season. Once she gets her sarcastic answer she just shakes it off, shakes it off.

Taylor says you are so cool, so get your own sarcastic ball right here

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Nothing says the Holidays like smelling like eggs after having a shower, it’s Egg Nog Soap!

Egg Nog Soap One More Gadget
Yup, they HAVE thought of everything. If this Egg Nog Soap existed in The Christmas Story, I can assure you we’d all be asking for Red Rider BB Guns and swearing like sailors. Washing our mouths out with soap like this is a delectable treat. Delish my friends, just delish.

Did you know that egg yolks are really great for your skin? Not to mention that nutmeg is great for your….confidence?

This eggnog soap makes a great stocking stuffer but it does come with a warning. Don’t sun bathe after washing with this soap or you might turn into a Christmas omelette.

Hey, now they’ve made soap taste like egg nog I wonder if they’ll start making egg nog taste like soap?

Food for thought.

Clean up this Christmas and get your Egg Nog Soap right here

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Sock it to me! Tacky Christmas Socks now rival the Ugly Christmas Sweater

Tacky Ugly Sweater Christmas Socks
That’s right. You heard it here first. As you may know, Ugly Christmas Sweaters are all the rage, but all signs point to the next fad in holiday attire being the fantastic Tacky Christmas Socks. And I’m never wrong my friends. Never wrong.

Except for that time I mistook Nick Nolte for Gary Busey and lost a bet with my Dad for 1 million dollars.

Thankfully he has forgotten.

But anyway, these sweet knee-highs come complete with snowflakes, prancing reindeer and Christmas trees in all those highly predictable festive colours. What a beaut. You’ll be sure to fit right in with all those really really cheesy selfies that people take these days where all their feet are aimed into the middle of the picture. Tacky.

Speaking of tacky, it’s highly recommended to wear these socks with a striped shirt and a plaid jacket. Then when you do, instagram it with your dinner.

Wait, more styles? Fancy shmancy!

Tacky Holiday SocksTacky Holiday Socks Nutcracker


Get real tacky and grab your own pair of festive socks right here!


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