Keep your iPad snugg with the perfect case

Air Exec Camo Flat e1398382233921 Keep your iPad snugg with the perfect case

The Snugg Case for the iPad Air is one classy looking executive case. I was lucky enough to check this case out and see the details for myself. With a wide selection of colours to choose from, the Call of Duty Soldier in me ended up selecting this awesome digital camouflage design and if you want this I exclaim to you, you’ll have to take it from my cold dead hands.

Air Exec Camo Mic e1398382372436 Keep your iPad snugg with the perfect case

Forgive me for being dramatic but the Snugg iPad Air case is so awesome that I just can’t let it go. Check out these other awesome features:

• Comparable to a military backpack this case has 3 card pockets for all your business cards, notes, phone numbers and even a snack or two when you realize you’ve been online for 40 straight hours. I’m not saying you have a problem, but you probably do. They invented showers for a reason.

• This case adjusts to a perfect position for FaceTime or typing out emails and internet browsing. Which means you can also angle it up at your face and avoid the fact you may or may not be wearing any pants.

• Fitting true to the Snugg form, there are cut outs for both cameras, speaker, buttons, lightning port and headphone ports as well as an elastic strap for your hand to make it more comfortable to hold while reading. It’s like pajama jeans.

• Quality shows on the inside as well as the outside. With soft nubuck material that prevents scratches and an internal Velcro to hold the iPad tightly in place.

• Automatic sleep/wake cover that folds into the 2 position stand.

• Snugg Promise which includes lifetime guarantee and ensures a perfectly snugg fit.

After a review like this – there is only one suitable word for someone to describe this amazing case in the most manly way possible. Snuggly.

Keep it snugg and get your own Snugg iPad Case here

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Fire Escape Wall Shelf puts a little New York in your home

23096 zoom2 1024x1024 Fire Escape Wall Shelf puts a little New York in your home

This Fire Escape Wall Shelf is sure to add some urban character to your home.  It also makes a pretty nice spice rack or small shelf for your plants. Made out of wrought iron. Looks really cool paired with these awesome urban planters.

Find it on Urban Outfitters or

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Possibly the mightiest PEZ dispenser you’ve never seen – The Emilo Peztevez

emilio peztevez Possibly the mightiest PEZ dispenser youve never seen   The Emilo Peztevez

Okay, so you probably aren’t going to see this Pez dispenser on the shelves any time soon. But when the whole world finds out about this you’re going to wish you had come up with it first. Too bad. I did. One More Gadget 1, World 0.

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It ain’t rocket science. Boil water anywhere with The SunRocket Solar Water Heater

SunRocketLogoProductShot It aint rocket science. Boil water anywhere with The SunRocket Solar Water Heater

It might not be rocket science, but there’s definitely some science working here in this useful gadget. Introducing The SunRocket, a portable solar hot water kettle and thermos. The SunRocket uses the latest in solar thermal technology allowing it to heat up water and retain the heat for hours without the use of any electricity or battery power.

So how does it work? Glad you asked! It combines a vacuum tube with reflective panels to concentrate solar energy towards the container. Pretty simple idea and best of all, it works. It’s almost like wearing a black shirt in the sun on a hot day, but 20 times hotter.

Black Rocket in Stream 1 It aint rocket science. Boil water anywhere with The SunRocket Solar Water Heater

Mmm, drinking water never tasted so good. Perfect for camping, travel, mountaineering, or the end of the world. But don’t let the lack of emergency situtions stop you from using it. As well as for drinking, hot water can even be used for washing, cooking or rehydrating foods and best of all the heat treatment kills water borne bacteria. Sweet. Nothing like a bacteria free cup of Earl Grey.

Why sacrifice a good cup of tea just because you have a front row seat to the apocalypse. That’s what I always say. Heat up that water and tea bag that mug. Careful though, it’s hot.

09sunkettle It aint rocket science. Boil water anywhere with The SunRocket Solar Water Heater

It’s super easy to use, and doesn’t take too long. Just about a half hour in some sweet west coast sunshine and bob’s your uncle. Speaking of Bob. He went in the sun for a half hour with some reflectors aimed at his face just like the SunRocket. Let me tell you, I’ll never look at a sausage the same way again. Lather on that sun screen kids. SPF 50.


• Vacuated vacuum glass tube made from Vycor glass
• (95% silica, high temperature and thermal shock resistant) and copper / aluminum absorption
• Reflective aluminum panels
• High quality scratch and weather resistant plastics
• Pressure release valve
• BPA free, safe non toxic materials

Want one of these hot items? Check out the website here. Or enter our giveaway on One More Gadget’s Facebook Page.

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