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Energizer All-In-One Battery Jump Starter with Air Compressor and Power Inverter Review

This Energizer All-In-One comes with all the bells and whistles. It’s super easy to use and is the perfect accessory for your automobile. Whether you are coming to the rescue to save a co-worker that needs a jump, or perhaps you were just invited to a posh picnic and they ran out of power for […]

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Sexy Salt and Pepper shakers that look like batteries are pretty sweet

These awesome Salt and Pepper shakers give a whole new meaning to a Salt and Battery. Yup. Pretty proud of myself about that one there. Anyways. These are some fancy salt and pepper shakers called Salt and Power. I’m not too sure yet with the psychology behind why turning normal things into batteries suddenly makes […]

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Got the urge to Merge? Sexy new high-speed internet provides ALL your TV entertainment PDQ

This post brought to you by Windstream. All opinions are 100% mine. In case you wondered, PDQ stands for ‘Pretty Darn Quick’. And when we talk PDQ, we’re talking Merge. Merge is the newest entertainment player in the game, providing a new way to watch TV using the internet. Merge transforms the information superhighway into […]

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Make people happy by cutting the cheese with this awesome Mouse Trap Cheese Board Cutter

Oh, Snap! It’s an Acme Mouse Trap Cheese Board Cutter. Finally, someone’s built a cheddar mousetrap! Here’s a really nice 9″ x 5″ beechwood cheeseboard that comes with a handy stainless-steel cheese slicer all disguised as a giant mousetrap. Pretty cute, huh?! This ones makes us squeak with glee. Not Glee the TV show. Nope, […]

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