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Give your keys some personality and tell them apart with Monster key covers

Introducing FREAKEYS. Cool little monster key caps for your house keys, mailbox keys or car keys. They remind me of those fun finger puppets we had as kids, remember those? I sure do. They were awesome! Key covers are a big trend right now. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but these […]

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Should come standard in all vehicles, the Road Rage Swearing Punching Bag

Curb your road rage with this Road Rage Swearing Punching Bag. This useful little gadget sticks to any window and stays there for you to unleash your anger upon the next time you are cut off on the road. I love this thing. *Punches it. I feel good. Another great feature is the sound effects. […]

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We got a bogey coming right atcha, it’s the Mr. Snot Tissue Box

  Well here’s something slimy and awesome. It’s the Mr. Snot Tissue box. When it comes to blowing your nose, there’s no disguising it’s disgustingness. This novelty tissue box isn’t just a novelty, it actually does the trick! Just one amazing tissue does the job of two. One might say it’s like having a hanky […]

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Indiana Jones eat your heart out, INBOX Desktop Wooden Crates can hold the Ark of the Covenant and then some

These beautifully designed wooden crates are the perfect compliment to your palette-it drink coasters. Each set comes with three nested wooden crates and matching lids – so whether you are hiding your business cards or an old relic from Indiana Jones you’ll still have plenty more room for your ball point pens. One thing you […]

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