A new promotional business tool people really eat up – New printable promotional cookies

Printable Cookie

I’ve heard of in-your-face advertising, but this takes it to a whole new level.

These new printable promotional cookies are sweet. Literally. You can customize them with whatever logo, design, business graphic or any photo you want – and your potential customers get to scarf it down with a glass of milk. You can even put a tiny little print ad on there so they have something to read with their tea.

Promotional cookies are literally one of the newest and hottest trends that definitely leave a lasting impression. Think about it, how many chances do you get these days for a customer to actually completely ingest your business?

 Jessica Alba Printable Cookie

Ah yes, a Jessica Alba cookie. Now that is a cookie I would enjoy eating.

So how do they do it?

• Images are printed onto a sugar disc with unlimited colours using food coloring ink.
• The disc is applied to a fresh-baked sugar cookie with sugar icing.
• Cookies are individually wrapped and sealed with cellophane.

And in case you wondered, yes these cookies are nut-free and certified kosher, but with Jessica Alba on the cookie, was there ever a doubt?

Don’t worry, I dunno what that means either.

Look to the cookie and grab your promo cookies here!

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