One More Gadget seeks out unique products and inventions from around the globe. That’s our mission. To uncover brilliance and help inventors get their cool products to the masses.

Why is One More Gadget so popular?

We’re so popular because we’re real and even though the idea business is a money business, we love to have fun, or we wouldn’t be doing it. It all starts with our desire to invent and share cool inventions from around the world – to the world.

We’re all about the ideas. And we are great at finding the good ones. But that’s not the only reason.

We get around.

One More Gadget has now spread across the globe reaching literally millions of people and websites. In fact, one of our best attributes is discovering great inventions first hand, by speaking directly to the inventors. Once a product is reviewed by One More Gadget it’s only a matter of time before the whole world is sharing our discovery with everyone else. Pretty soon you’ll find that thingamajig available at the big shops.

We’ll never forget the little people.

One thing we’ve learned so far from creating this site is; with inspiration, you can never run out of ideas, and ideas are what we like to share. So no matter how big, or how small, we’ll keep checking out those great ideas and help where we can. And most importantly, have fun doing it.

Besides, if we stopped putting dogs in highchairs, what else is there to do really?

OneMoreGadget was launched online Sept 27, 2008 and is highly regarded as one of the Top Gadget & Product Blogs in the world. Yeah. Really.

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