Another trip to scratch off the list with this way cool Scratch Map

Scratch Map

Introducing the Scratch Map. It’s a wall map that’s designed to look like a travelers map from a long time ago.

The neat feature about this map is that every country in the world is labeled and covered with a coating that can be scratched off once you have visited the area. It has that same feeling as scratching lottery tickets, but it’s even more addicting since it involves your travels! Before you know it you’ll have a customized map showing all the places you’ve been to in the world.

Scratch Map Full

I wonder if I’ll ever scratch this entire map some day? Hmm. I better keep the scratching in the lines just in case.

Scratch Map Close-Up

Just don’t be like me and get scratch happy. That travelers itch is a dangerous itch to scratch.

If you know what I’m saying.

Get your own personalized scratch map right here

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