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Trendy Silicone Case for iPhone is very rubbery

Being smart I ordered three of these to pretty much guarantee that I’d get one in orange. But the jerks actually gave me three navy blue ones instead. I can’t be too sure but I’m almost positive they did that on purpose and had a chuckle to themselves when discussing it on their lunch break. […]

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I-LOVE-YOU LED Display Handheld Cooling Fan is pretty much useless

Okay, I might have been a little too harsh there, the I-LOVE-YOU LED Display Handheld Cooling Fan is not entirely useless. Its rather useful if you plan on giving the one you love an epileptic seizure in the most sincere way possible. The blades are soft so you probably won’t hurt your face falling on […]

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OLYMPUS Li.40B Compatible Battery is not as powerful but lasts just the same

The OLYMPUS Li.40B Compatible Battery (3.7V 550mAh Li-Ion) is only 550mAh compared to the 750mAh that comes with the Olympus Cameras. I tried both of these batteries out and they took the same amount of pictures, (about 260) over the course of the entire day. The only difference is the first one ran out just […]

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Because we all gotta have 50 of something. AG13 Batteries 50-Pack

I never thought the day would come where I’d need three of something and out of principle decide to buy 50 because I could get them for the same price. The day has come. I bought a huge 50-Pack of AG13 mini batteries. I made a video of it using my hands to demonstrate the […]

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