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Brand the cow, steak form with this awesome BBQ branding iron

Oh Dan Jones, you have no idea what kind of steak you will be eating tonight. An epic one. Now I’m not one to just throw up any ole gadget for the One More Gadget readers. Each gadget needs to be awesome in that special sort of way. In that sort of “hello, I can […]

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Cut the cord and take your landline with you with the NetTalk Duo WiFi

Now you can take your landline with you without ever having to move your house! It’s a new product that may in fact change your life. It’s the netTalk Duo WiFi and it let’s you talk on your netTalk landline anywhere you have internet access. This is the world’s first wireless VoIP telephone device – […]

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Listen up and you could WIN a Pair of Beats By Dr. Dre Ear Buds in this Sponsored Contest

Odds are you’ve heard of Dr Dre Tour in-ear earphones. Whether it’s because you’re a music junkie and have to have the best possible sound on the go or you got them with your HTC One X or you even heard about them from the TV commercials. These are said to be the next big […]

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Fancy a popsicle? Zoku Ice Pop makes tasty treats in an instant

The Zoku Ice Pop Maker lets you make fancy popsicles in just under 7 minutes. Without the need for electricity, the quick freezing allows you to create striped multi-flavored popsicles, yogurt pops and fancy fruit filled colourful pops to boot. All you need to do is keep the unit in the freezer until you are […]

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