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Nothing says clean like zest-baconfully clean, yup it’s bacon soap

So I made the mistake of bathing with this soap before going out tanning the other day. I was sizzling and I smelled terrific. Wait, did I say it was a mistake? What I meant to say was it was the best decision of my life. But it sure made me hungry. Well here you […]

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Normally I’d put a bird on it, but in this case I’ll accept a Pickle or Bacon Bandage

You know what I always say? If your body is achin’ – grab some bacon. If you cut yourself a mean slice, you better ham it up with these awesome bacon bandages. Each tin comes with 15 sterile strips of bacon delight, perfectly seasoned for those little ouchies. Get your bacon bandages here It’s not […]

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They’re anything but tacky, Origami Sticky Notes

Gadzooks! The folks at SuckUK have added a little flare to the average office sticky note. Every pad has a different objects, like squirrels and boats, for example. One of my favorite things to do is remind myself to buy more bacon, then fold the sticky note into a little piggy. It’s slightly satanic but […]

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Our epic birthday card from a very creative One More Gadget fan!

Some of you might not know, but there was a big birthday here at One More Gadget! We received a lot of cards, but this one was definitely one of the best. There’s a couple inside jokes (we’ll explain later). See if you recognize any of the gadgets we’ve reviewed on our site. Enjoy! Did […]

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