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Check out the new HERO3® camera from GoPro® (Sponsored Video)

  The latest GoPro Camera is the Hero 3. Its the most advanced GoPro yet. With great features at a glance like: • It’s even smaller than before, and 2x more powerful then the previous model. • Cinema quality video up to 1440p-48 video. • 3x faster performance with 12mp burst capture at 30 frames […]

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Plant some ingredients and watch them grow, it’s the Blooming Cupcakes Baking Kit

Gardening and Baking have joined forces! Take your green thumb to the kitchen and start baking some plants! Hmm, that reminds me of the last time I baked some plants. Where were the cupcakes when I needed them then? Hunh?! Hunh?! Tell me! Where? Where? What. Okay I’m calm now. Don’t worry, the eye twitch […]

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Perfect for your sweetheart, check out these lovely Love Stamps

Here’s some love that’s totally sugar free but just as sweet! Love Stamps. Awesome little stampers with our favorite sweet heart candy phrases! Amazingly these little red stamps of passion demonstrate a progression of my ‘three date’ rule: The first date you “Smile”. The second date you “Call me”. The third date its all “Love […]

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Perfect for blind dates gone bad, try these really tasty Onion Breath Mints

Okay, so these mints don’t actually make your breath stink. *Breathes into his hand* Damn. Didn’t see that one coming. I better take a couple more. I keed, I keed. These mints are actually pretty tasty. They have the minty freshness of regular mints, but the excellent flavor of onion rings. And unlike onion rings, […]

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