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LIGHTSPEED Phone Controlled i-Helicopter, yup, there’s an app for that

A gadget that is sure to be under the tree for many kids this Christmas is this super cool R/C copter. Or should I say P/C copter? That’s right, it’s a PHONE controlled helicopter, practically making those old-fashioned remotes a thing of the past. Using a free downloadable app, this i-helicopter turns your iPhone, iPad, […]

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A Kid Friendly Gadget List for Christmas

Unfortunately, for many parents, expensive gadgets will be on top of their children’s Christmas lists this year. Gone are the days when a doll or football would spur the interests of our little ones; now they yearn to be able to mimic adults on a variety of technology, which is why most parents will be […]

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Pantone Christmas Ball Ornaments are drool-worthy

Yup, they did it. Told you so. In fact, was it something I said? These cool Pantone Christmas Ornaments look great on my Christmas tree. I wonder if balls like this are going to bring those white Christmas trees back in style? When I use these to decorate my tree I like to keep the […]

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Turn your red and green Christmas into CMYK with Designer’s Balls

  Here is something sure to be on every designer’s Christmas wish list this year. Designer’s Balls are a classic style ornament with a twist of contemporary design. Each set of Designer’s Balls comes with the four most important colours on this planet, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. I suppose it’s only a matter of […]

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