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Possibly the mightiest PEZ dispenser you’ve never seen – The Emilo Peztevez

Okay, so you probably aren’t going to see this Pez dispenser on the shelves any time soon. But when the whole world finds out about this you’re going to wish you had come up with it first. Too bad. I did. One More Gadget 1, World 0.

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The Future of Cellphones? Bendable displays will become the hottest new trend for mobile phones

In case you haven’t heard of what’s what in the world of mobile phone displays, check out the hottest new trend – flexible, bendle AMOLED displays. We recently grabbed a sneak peak at this years CES while looking at some pretty amazing displays when Samsung unveiled it’s show stopper – the new Galaxy Skin, a […]

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Cool invention, illuminated door handles doubles as flashlight and looks like a light saber

Recently a winner for the Spark Awards, this cool door handle is designed to be removed and double as a flashlight. Not too shabby. Let’s just hope you don’t have kids that forget to put it back and you’re only realizing this after eating Aunt Patties famous cookies and in desperate need of a sit […]

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The Greatest List of the Coolest Tea Infusers Around

Introducing our ever-growing list of The Coolest Tea Infusers Around! Follow us on Twitter to find out when new ones are added to the list. 1. Sharky Tea Infuser We’re going to need a bigger cup. The Sharky Tea Infuser is sure to cause some ‘agony of the leaves’. He floats around the surface of […]

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