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Being Unstable and Bitchy Mug serves up a real cup of coffee with a side of satire

There’s no better gift than the gift of honesty. That’s why, for the 10th year running, I’ve given my last 10 girlfriends this awesome coffee mug. With this cool retro feel and microwaveable safe ceramic, you’ll be sure to keep this mug longer than your boyfriend. Grab the mug here and serve up some joe

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Designer coffees deserve a designer coffee mug, it’s a Zebra Purse mug for the fashionable coffee drinker

How faaaaabulous. Darling. It’s a Zebra Purse Mug. Complete with handle, buckles, and a flat edge for sitting sideways in your cupboard. The best thing about this zebra mug is that it wasn’t actually made with real zebras. Which is a relief, because I’m quite fond of the zebra. Probably because it has the word […]

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Because crazy people takes baths too, it’s ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ Cat Food Scented Soap

If you are a crazy cat lady or just crazy for cats then here’s something for you. Odds are you already smell like this but you are dirty. So very dirty. So keep smelling like this and be clean for a change, mmkay? This is cat food scented soap. It’s genius. You smell like cat […]

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The B-Duck Canvas Tote review by Miss Melissa is everything it’s quacked up to be

This awesome B-Duck Canvas Tote is cute, quirky, quacky and … fashionable. Wait, fashionable? Yup. You heard right. This nifty tote back is not only a quality and trendy piece, but it has just the right amount of ‘Quack Couture’ for a night on the town. There’s certainly nothing fowel about it. Check out this […]

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