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Gadget Deals of the Week

1. Rabbit Wall Lamp Night Light $11.10 2. Vans Shoe Sole iPhone 4 / 4s Case $4.00 3. Disappearing Ink Pen $1.50 4. Swing Improving Pitch and Putt Club $24.80 5. Autobots Silver Alloy Ring $3.60

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We got a bogey coming right atcha, it’s the Mr. Snot Tissue Box

  Well here’s something slimy and awesome. It’s the Mr. Snot Tissue box. When it comes to blowing your nose, there’s no disguising it’s disgustingness. This novelty tissue box isn’t just a novelty, it actually does the trick! Just one amazing tissue does the job of two. One might say it’s like having a hanky […]

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If you’re a golfer, here’s your worst nightmare. Camouflage Golf Balls

Here’s a really fun gift for the golfer that has it all. Camo Balls. And if you thought Golf was hard before, well how does losing your ball even after the perfect shot sound? Now I’m not saying I recommend these for the PGA, but if you are a military golfer then these probably are […]

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Perfect when hitting the clubs, it’s the Golf Club Drink Dispenser

This invention is actually pretty useful. The golf club holds enough liquid for you to be chugging away for an entire round. Round of golf that is. However, if you are a pro, I think this counts as another club in your bag, which means you’ll be disqualified, but not dehydrated! And seriously folks, make […]

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