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This cute little robot can do the splits and share your music with a friend

This cute little keychain is a music sharing robot called ‘Tunes for 2’. It’s a neat headphone splitter that allows you to hook up two sets of headphones to your audio devices, like an iPod for example. All you have to do is decapitate him by popping his head out of his body and plugging […]

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Give your keys some personality and tell them apart with Monster key covers

Introducing FREAKEYS. Cool little monster key caps for your house keys, mailbox keys or car keys. They remind me of those fun finger puppets we had as kids, remember those? I sure do. They were awesome! Key covers are a big trend right now. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but these […]

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Green Aid fights the war on plastic with a resusable bag in a portable plush grenade

These days everyone should be aware about the use of plastic bags. With big companies still handing them out it’s really up to us to make a difference. Did you know the average person uses and throws away 290 plastic bags in a year? That’s insane! Green Aid is a handy little gadget that makes […]

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Turn your keys into mini air guitars with Keytars

Want to know what it feels like to walk into the house of rock? Start by getting these cool key covers for your house keys. Each pack of Keytar Key Covers comes with 6 cool designs that make all your keys look so cool you’ll be jamming out wicked guitar solos every time you unlock […]

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