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Hi! Little Silicone Voice Recorder replaces the sticky note with digital notes that are sticky

Here’s a cool one. This nifty little gadget is called Hi! It’s a soft touch voice recorder made to record all your little notes. The entire back is magnetic so you can stick it on your fridge and leave fun or important notes for other household members. Or a dog I suppose, if he’s button […]

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Dry Wipe World Map Magnets for worldwide fridges

Well here’s something pretty cool that will help you stick it to global warming. Stick these magnets on your fridge and do a little global cooling. Literally. This nifty product is called Mapnetic. A handy world map made entirely of magnets! It’s a gadget that is really getting around. Get it? Getting around? Nevermind. Not […]

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A spaghetti tool that will change your life by measuring the perfect portion size easy and cheesy

Yah that’s right, I said it. A block of cheese is gonna change your life. Take the guess work out of your spaghetti prep with Spaghetti Cheese!  This handy cartoon chunk of cheese is the perfect kitchen gadget for measuring just how many noodles you’ll need to drop in the pot. Measuring 1 to 4 […]

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All the pieces to get you feeling groovy, they’re Groovy Lights™

Groovy Lights™ are the hottest new accessory for the home, deck and patio. Each of these funky lights comes with 30 plastic pieces you fit together like a puzzle. Kinda like an IKEA lamp but more rewarding. And what’s even more amazing is all the pieces are actually identical! Genius. I’ll admit it’s a little […]

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