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Here’s the real map to the stars that totally glows in the dark

No, I’m not talking about directions to Ryan Goslings house. I’m talking about a real Star Map. Yup, the final frontier. When it comes to maps anyway. It’s the Glow-In-The-Dark Star Map! A beautifully designed map of the constellations. It’s a thing of beauty. C’est magnifique! That’s french for awesome. I couldn’t remember my Klingon […]

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Use the Macs light to power the Dark Side with this Darth Vader MacBook Vinyl Decal

I’m quite the fan of this Darth Vader MacBook decal. It makes me happy. I’ve been seeing quite a large number of very creative decals since first introducing MacBook decals way back when the MacBook first came out. Isn’t it amazing what a little creativity can do? So you may think that a trend like […]

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Cool invention, illuminated door handles doubles as flashlight and looks like a light saber

Recently a winner for the Spark Awards, this cool door handle is designed to be removed and double as a flashlight. Not too shabby. Let’s just hope you don’t have kids that forget to put it back and you’re only realizing this after eating Aunt Patties famous cookies and in desperate need of a sit […]

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A complete Star Wars Poker Set for the force loving uber geeks

Combine your love of poker, and Star Wars with this slick looking Star Wars Poker Set. We were fortunate enough to check out this awesome set and we totally love it. It certainly has it’s way cool features. This poker set is truly for the hard core Star Wars fangirls and fanboys. The set comes […]

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