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A Very Cold Portable Air Conditioner Review for the Garrison 3-in-1

Introducing the Garrison 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioning Unit, complete with 9000 BTUs. It’s summer. It’s hot. No wait, scratch that. It’s very hot. If you are experiencing conditions like most, you’re experiencing the type of apartment heat that only a top floor unit with windows instead of walls and an evil smoking neighbor that may […]

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Because the Sith Lord gets wet too – Light Saber Umbrellas

Oh Lordy this is awesome. Just when you thought an umbrella couldn’t be improved upon, some genius nerd decided to turn an umbrella into a light saber. This truly beats my idea of making umbrellas square. Or even my über famous Star Destroyer Umbrella. 4 out of 5 Jedi’s agreed it’s actually more enjoyable to […]

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We once were lost, but now we pee. Pee in the dark that is, with this handy little gadget

From glow in the dark toilet paper to even some fancy flushers we continue to wade through the various new toilet gadgets making a splash in the world today. This handy little pee-aid is the Potty Night Light – a tiny little switch that lights up the toilet bowl to prevent some unwanted decorating. One […]

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DX butchers the transformers with these weird weird stickers

Well here’s an interesting find that doesn’t make any sense. It’s some really bad engrish Decepttcon transformers stickers. Police? Does that even make any sense? And what transformer was around in 1865? Yup. Exactly what I thought. Just another interesting product we found from DX. Get these Decepttcon stickers here because hey, we all make […]

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