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Nothing says the Holidays like smelling like eggs after having a shower, it’s Egg Nog Soap!

Yup, they HAVE thought of everything. If this Egg Nog Soap existed in The Christmas Story, I can assure you we’d all be asking for Red Rider BB Guns and swearing like sailors. Washing our mouths out with soap like this is a delectable treat. Delish my friends, just delish. Did you know that egg […]

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Sound Master Dancing Water Speakers are like being at Disneyland but smaller, and wetter

These Sound Master Dancing Water Speakers are awesome! Simply plug these very sweet USB speakers to your computer, kick up the music and watch your very own water light show blow your mind. It’s almost exactly like being at Disneyland. Okay, not exactly. I emphasize almost, but it comes pretty close. And since I can’t […]

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Clean it all and just add water, the Ultimate Cloth with MiraFiber technology

We’ve all heard of the Sham-Wow, and really, it’s just a shammy. You may have all fallen into the trap at the trade shows and ended up with a roll or two like myself. Whoops. But here’s something you won’t regret, it’s the Ultimate Cloth and all you need to do is just add water. […]

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How about a plant that waters itself? Another Qualy product, the Self-Watering Plant Pot

These cute little plant pots are the perfect combination of form and function. The form: They look like little logs. The function: They actually let you know when your plant needs water. When the plant has ample water to water itself with, you will see the squirrel in the hole. When your plant is running […]

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