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Famous Cars from TV and the Movies

One of our favorite kinds of things are all the gadget-filled cars from TV and the Movies. Here’s  the Greatest List of our favorite Top 17 Gadget-Filled Cars from Hollywood. Oh yeah, and if you happen to be the owner of a movie car, please contact us, we have something for you! 17. James Bond […]

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Sexy Salt and Pepper shakers that look like batteries are pretty sweet

These awesome Salt and Pepper shakers give a whole new meaning to a Salt and Battery. Yup. Pretty proud of myself about that one there. Anyways. These are some fancy salt and pepper shakers called Salt and Power. I’m not too sure yet with the psychology behind why turning normal things into batteries suddenly makes […]

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Transform your pants into a retro masterpiece with this belt buckle from DX

This fancy shmancy belt buckle comes in autobots or decepticons and guess what? It also holds a zippo! However, I find it quite disturbing carrying a lighter so close to my balls. But when I think about it, the potential for having great balls of fire might not be so bad. Get the Decepticons or […]

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20 of The Most Creative and Coolest Salt and Pepper Shakers Around

Some of my favorite things belong on a kitchen table. So what’s the best thing to go on a kitchen table? Condiments! Here’s a list of some of my favorite Salt & Pepper Shakers which will forever be known as ‘The Most Creative and Coolest Salt and Pepper Shakers Around’. If you like stuff like […]

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