groupon collective buying power Daily Deals

Groupon - Collective Buying Power. They are currently the global leader in group buys as they are one of the first to start the group buying trend for businesses. One thing many group buy sites have mimicked is the language of the deal (a snobby cat sales pitch). Check your local Groupon here.  Daily Deals – Local Deals, Local Causes. GoodNews is certainly a feel-good group buy site. Offering deals word-wide for sports, restaurants and even dental work. They aren’t hugely popular just yet, but we see them becoming a big player pretty quick. Sign up for some GoodNews here.

█♥█ Canadian Only Daily Deal Websites

deal of the day red flag deals Daily Deals

Red Flag Deals – Deal of the Day. They are knew, brand new. So only time will tell how well they keep up with offers and what their daily deals will shape up to be. If it’s anything like their dominate coupon section, it will probably be huge very quickly. Join them here.

Swarm Jam Sweet Deals Daily Daily Deals

Swarm Jam – Sweet Deals Daily. They usually offer multiple deals each day for locations. Their site is slightly difficult to navigate, however buying a deal is very easy. Logging in every day accrues bonus points you can use towards great member discounts – so it’s definitely worth checking out. See SwarmJam’s Daily Deal Here. buyers unite Daily Deals – Buyers Unite. Look familiar? It appeared on an episode of the popular show ‘Dragon’s Den’ in Canada and was bought by the Boston Pizza Mogul, Jim Treliving. Their daily e-mails are a bit disorganized, and they make a lot of mistakes. They have a few things to hash out before it starts to compete with the big boys. Check out TeamBuy’s daily deal in your area here.

wagjag buy together and we all win Daily Deals

WagJag – Buy together and we all win! These guys are a relatively small operation but do get their daily deals in Canada. One cool thing about them is the more people that buy, the better of a deal you get. So in the end you might be paying less than you bargained for. See your WagJag daily deal here.

Steal the deal a deal a day everyday Daily Deals

Steal The Deal – A Deal a Day, EVERYDAY! A lot of Yoga, Facials, Massages, Tanning and the odd BBQ dinner deal can be found at Steal The Deal. The thing I like about it the most though is you never know what you are going to get with this place. Check out and sign up for StealTheDeal here.

living social daily deals Daily Deals

Living Social - Daily Deals. Definitely a daily deal site for the ladies  with the odd movie pass, dinner or one-night stay deals. This site is beautifully designed with all the information you could ever need before you buy the deal. Grab your Living Social daily deals here.

indulge living daily deals Daily Deals

Indulge Living. This is one of the smaller group buy websites. Because of this they keep their daily deals up for a few days (which is actually a good thing). There’s less pressure to rush into a purchase but it is as they say, a deals a deal. This site is mainly themed around things to spoil yourself rotten. Sign up for your Indulge Living Daily Deals here.

grooster daily deals Daily Deals

Grooster. The usual suspects. No referral program but easy to sign up and receive great deals every morning by 9am! Click here to sign up for Grooster.

* Currently limited to Vancouver


edaily quest exciting deals delivered daily Daily Deals

eDaily Quest. Enticing Deals Delivered Daily. This site has great deals for the USA and Canada. The design is basic and could look more exciting, but they have great offers on actual products and services as opposed to the usual massage, spa, yoga and manicure junk you’d find at othergroup buy sites. Check eDailyQuest here.


snaggies Daily Deals

Snaggies. Super Groop Buys. This site is relatively new to Canada. Deals currently last around 6 days for ‘body maintenance’ like spa, laser hair removal, massages etc. Sign up for Snaggies here.

social shopper revolutionary deals Daily Deals

Social Shopper. Revolutionary Deals. Here’s a hot new daily deal site that’s spread all across North America. It’s clean and nicely designed homepage offers daily deals in massages, spas, and even experiences like dance lessons and haircuts! Get your daily deals from Social Shopper here.


deal find everybody wins Daily Deals

DealFind. Everybody Wins. This daily deal site offers the usual spa and massage deals, and even house cleaning! Perfect for gifts. So far the majority of deals they find are for women. Get your shop on ladies! Sign up for DealFind right here.

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