Can we advertise on your site?
OneMoreGadget is a North American owned niche gadget / gift site. Currently we have an average of over 450,000 unique impressions a month world-wide. Our current ad space is header 728 x 90, big box 300 x 250, skyscraper 160 x 600 and footer 470 x 60. We offer month to month advertising for full rights to any of the mentioned available spaces. Pricing is average $20/CPM based on targeted geographical location using our sites Google Analytics. For more information and inquiries, feel free to contact us via our contact page.

Do you offer a link exchange or paid link service for your website?
Sometimes! Please send us a note via our contact page for prices.

Can we send you products from our company for you to review?
Absolutely! However, we are sent our fair share of products. Not everything can be reviewed on One More Gadget, but we like seeing what’s out there! Please send us a note via our contact page and we’ll forward you our shipping address.

When will you be doing more video reviews?
Alright. Listen up. We WILL be doing more video reviews. Eventually. But things are going pretty well right now. In the future we will be taking our cool finds to celebrity bloggers to see how it goes.

Who’s the person behind One More Gadget?
It’s a secret! Nah, not really. But he’s pretty shy. He’s a workaholic/mad scientist/inventor that absolutely loves great ideas. In fact, you probably have seen some of his ideas before sneaking their way onto One More Gadget. Check him out on twitter and give him a high-five.

What do you do with the gadgets you get?
Golly, good question! If we really like the gadget–we hold a contest! The rest, sadly, is usually given away–even the cool stuff. My tickle trunk can only hold so much.

We also donate to schools and local businesses that hold auctions to raise money for charity. Unfortunately we are unable to ship items to donate them to charities or auctions. BUT, if you are in or near Vancouver, Canada, give us a shout.

Help! I try clicking your ads and your links but the pages won’t load! What’s wrong?
Make sure if you have any IP blockers or cookie blockers that they are turned off. All links will open in a new window and are checked every day, so they do work!

I’ve seen this before, why did you just post it recently?
We only have two hands.

Can I put a link to OneMoreGadget on my own blog or website?
Yes, we’d actually love you to do that. In fact, if you do, let us know and we might give you a little something for your efforts.

Why do I have to enter my e-mail address when I post a comment?
We set it up that way. Also, we think its great to know who posted, and our gravatars let us see who you are too.

Where can I buy the items you post on OneMoreGadget?
Most often at the end of each post we give you a link to where you can buy the items. We don’t sell anything here, just our soul. Feel free to check out our “store” where we have all our favourite reviewed gadgets in one easy spot here.

Can I submit my own reviews to your blog?
Yes and no. If you want us to check something out, let us know. If you want to be a part of OneMoreGadget, sit tight, this opportunity will be available in the future.