Fish School Training Kit turns your boring goldfish into an A student

If you think this is fake, think again my friends. The R2 Fish School Training Kit is the real deal. Through ingenious tricks and conditioning you too can have yourself a brilliant fish!

Some Crazy Fish Facts!

• Did you know that a goldfish can be trained through conditioning?
• Did you know a goldfish actually has a memory of up to 4 months?
• Did you know that a goldfish can see two kinds of light? Infrared and Ultraviolet light?
• Did you know that goldfish are orange and therefore awesome? Good.

See I knew all of those, and that’s why when I saw this Fish Training Kit I almost crapped my pants. It was a happy day. Minus the crapping the pants part.

With the Kit you can teach your Goldfish many tricks, such as:

Fetching, swimming through the tunnel, limbo, playing basketball, going through a chimney, swimming through a hoop, playing football, and the most exciting, finger feeding.

A former friend of mine that owned pirhannas tried to train them with this kit. Just so you know, the finger feeding only works with goldfish.

See some videos and get your own R2 Fish Training Kit here

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3 Responses to “Fish School Training Kit turns your boring goldfish into an A student”

  1. 1 timo Jan 27th, 2010 at 9:22 AM

    Thanks for discovering this kind of crap. I quoted these articles (training kit and fish tank toilet) in my german blog, concerning my aquarium and related products.


  2. 2 Roy Valdez Dec 27th, 2014 at 4:03 AM

    I’ve got some pretty boring goldfish here and while I was surfing through the internet,I saw this and my goldfish turned beautifully trained and I was impressed!!
    Even my mother, who hates fish, has started to feed my goldfish for me!!
    Thank you for introducing this crap which turned out to be nice to me!!!!!It really helps!!!

  3. 3 Anais Raes Jun 6th, 2017 at 1:55 AM


    I am looking for the fish training kit, I need it as soon as possible.
    Can somebody help me?

    You can contact me at
    +32 496 321 896

    Kind regards,

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