For White Collars and Black Belts: Ninja Throwing Star Push Pins

ninja throwing star push pins2 For White Collars and Black Belts: Ninja Throwing Star Push Pins

An invention of sheer beauty. Ninja throwing star push pins really let you take office harassment to a whole new level. A coworker of mine had some of these. Or so I thought. It turns he was just a ninja.

ninja throwing star push pins For White Collars and Black Belts: Ninja Throwing Star Push Pins

Above is a note that I found on my bulletin board. I thought it just meant it was my turn to drive the car pool. But when I looked on my desk I noticed all my erasers were circumcised.

I’ve been wearing button-fly jeans ever since. The straight jacket of pants.

Get your own sweet ninja throwing star push pins here and watch your back!

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1 Response to “For White Collars and Black Belts: Ninja Throwing Star Push Pins”

  1. 1 web design in Maidstone Sep 30th, 2010 at 2:50 PM

    hi again. haven’t visited your site for a while :)

    yeah, these ninja stars look cool :)

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