‘Light a Lanterns’ expecting to cause several forest fires in the UK

This great new invention, and I use the word great loosely is expected to result in several forest fires in the UK. However, based on the distance these gadgets travel, I’m expecting a global epidemic.
It’s only a matter of time until Obama says “Yes we can” to someone that asks if we can destroy them all.

I’m talking of course about the Light a Lanterns. Fire powered mini hot air balloons that you let go and hand over to mother nature to do as she wills.

picture 13 Light a Lanterns expecting to cause several forest fires in the UK

picture 22 Light a Lanterns expecting to cause several forest fires in the UK

The idea of everyone lighting these lanterns and setting them off into the sky seems rather romantic. But the gross reality is that I get a lot of wind near my house. Stop the lantern madness.

liglanvar alt11 Light a Lanterns expecting to cause several forest fires in the UK

As you can see the number of lanterns that people buy seems to be taking over at a scary rate. So I offer some more details about this product:

The truth is this lantern is made out of a biodegradable and fireproof material. There’s little to no risk of this catching fire or crashing into a landfill and sitting there forever.

They still recommend being 5 miles away of airports and safe distances away from power lines. I personally would also recommend not being under the influence while operating one of these. However, if you are, each one of these comes with a felt marker for writing your message to whomever finds your lantern and drawing your member and labeling it ‘penus’.

Click the link to buy your own ‘Light a Lantern’

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  1. 1 Mark Jul 20th, 2011 at 12:58 AM

    These lanterns are perfectly safe if the user instructions are followed and if you purchase a good brand, such as Sky Orbs, they are 100% biodegradable.

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