Look like a total douche but get around quick with the Hydrofoil Water Scooter

picture 21 Look like a total douche but get around quick with the Hydrofoil Water Scooter

The most environmentally friendly mode of transportation for the water, this surely beats those ugly water bikes with those big yellow wheels. The original design was made from some dudes in Australia, inspired by the way a Kangaroo jumped. All it takes to get this Hydrofoil skimming across the water is hopping up and down.

It has no moving parts and can get up to speeds of 17 mph. I like it. Especially knowing you can fold it up and take it with you (if you can carry 26 pounds). Not that I’m a wuss, but 26 pounds gets heavy after awhile.

If you are lucky enough to have a girlfriend, get her to put it in her purse.

Hit the jump for more info and to buy your very own Hydrofoil

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