Not dull at all! Pinhead Pushpins are perfect for sticking it to the man

pinhead push pins Not dull at all! Pinhead Pushpins are perfect for sticking it to the man

These Pinhead Pushpins are super fun thumbtacks for the office cork board. One might imagine them to resemble the aftermath of shooting your boss out of a cannon. Probably less messy.

Ignore the fact that Pinhead is the scarey dude from Hellraiser, instead I’ve looked into other things that are in fact pinheads as well:

• A Telemark Skier
• A Juvenile Cricket
• A very dull or stupid person
• People that think the Twilight Saga are actually good movies

Smarten up and grab your Pinheads here

For really small apartments or really small people, it's Mini Table Air Hockey Game
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