Nothing says Merry Christmas like a Pentagram tree topper and other crazy items from DX

Pantagram Tree Topper

Festive Christmas Decoration – Shining Pentagram Figure Ornaments for Christmas Tree

Nothing says Christmas like a pentagram on the top of your tree.

And it to top it off, it comes in a 5 pack!!! Now you can share your Christmas spirit with all your friends.

In hell.

Get your Christmas “Pentagram” 5 Pack here

Tactical Trunk Monkey

I’m not exactly sure what a ‘Tactical Trunk Monkey’ is, but strangely enough, I want one.

DX Notable Features:

– Tactical trunk monkey style velcro
– Great for stick on your hat or cloth
– Material: cloth

Get your own Tactical Trunk Monkey here

No Smoking Cowboy

No Smoking Cowboy Style Bag Cell Phone Strap

Yup, he’s wearing diapers with a no smoking sign on them. He has a pirate symbol on a cowboy hat. And for some strange reason, he’s smoking!

As strange as this all is, it actually makes me want start smoking just so I can quit and start drinking.

Get your No Smoking Cowboy in Diapers here

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