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Turn your cucumbers into slinkies with the Cucumbo Spiral Slicer

Cucumbo Spiral Slicer
If you are looking to turn your veggies into slinkies, look no further than the Cucumbo Spiral Slicer. It’s not every day I tell people that it’s okay to screw their food, but it is, and here’s how it works:

Step 1. Place the cucumber into the Cucumbo.

Step 2. Start twisting.

Step 3. Decorate your plate with your twisty, slinky cucumber! Fini.

Cucumbo Spiral Slicer In Action
I happen to be friends with all the band members of Twisted Sister, I think this will make an excellent stocking stuffer  for them. But even if you aren’t a groupie, this will surely make a great gift for other folks too! Now come on everybody and do the twist!

Don’t be a screwge. Get your own Cucumbo right here!

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This just might be the toy of the year. It’s a Butterfly Toy so realistic, it’s jarring

My Butterfly Collection Monarch Butterfly

Just when you thought toys sucked after the 80s, some crazy inventors came up with this: The Butterfly in a Jar. It’s probably the most awesomest toy pet you could have, and potentially the toy of the year.

Screw those lame hamsters. You can’t put those things in a jar.

Actually, you can. But they start to smell after awhile.

The butterfly movement is very realistic, but hold off on calling animal cruelty just yet. The butterfly isn’t real, I swear. It uses a teeny tiny electric wire that responds to the tap of your finger making the butterfly flutter around inside the jar (only appearing to be trapped inside). We often refer to this technology as “science”, but I like to call it magic, and that my friends makes these butterflies the bees knees.

One More Gadget - My Butterfly Packaging

The Butterfly collection has 4 cool butterflies to choose from, and to put a bug in your ear, these babies are on sale! Which is surprising to me, because it seems these collectibles are quickly flying off the shelves everywhere.

All 4 Varieties of Butterflies

Check out One More Gadget’s video review of this cool toy in action!

Catch your own butterfly jar here

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New parent? Here’s the second greatest gift you can give yourself

Baby Mute Button Pacifier
It’s the Mute Button Pacifier. The second greatest gift you can give yourself.

I’m not saying it’s the greatest gift because that would be preposterous. As a new parent your greatest gift would be that new bundle of joy, nes pas? No regrets right?

They bring laughter, joy, great memories and most importantly, noise. Yup. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear what’s happening on The Voice once in awhile? (when Adam Levine isn’t talking). I know that “I” like to hear that kids falsetto once in awhile – that shiz cray’.

This nifty Baby Mute Button Pacifier comes complete with teat and nipple. I have always wanted to say that.

In life we all make mistakes, but let me tell you that getting this Mute Button Pacifier for yourself or a new parent won’t be one of them.

Get your own Mute Button Pacifier right here


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Keep your iPad snugg with the perfect case

Digital Camouflage Pattern Case

The Snugg Case for the iPad Air is one classy looking executive case. I was lucky enough to check this case out and see the details for myself. With a wide selection of colours to choose from, the Call of Duty Soldier in me ended up selecting this awesome digital camouflage design and if you want this I exclaim to you, you’ll have to take it from my cold dead hands.

Camo Case Detail Snugg

Forgive me for being dramatic but the Snugg iPad Air case is so awesome that I just can’t let it go. Check out these other awesome features:

• Comparable to a military backpack this case has 3 card pockets for all your business cards, notes, phone numbers and even a snack or two when you realize you’ve been online for 40 straight hours. I’m not saying you have a problem, but you probably do. They invented showers for a reason.

• This case adjusts to a perfect position for FaceTime or typing out emails and internet browsing. Which means you can also angle it up at your face and avoid the fact you may or may not be wearing any pants.

• Fitting true to the Snugg form, there are cut outs for both cameras, speaker, buttons, lightning port and headphone ports as well as an elastic strap for your hand to make it more comfortable to hold while reading. It’s like pajama jeans.

• Quality shows on the inside as well as the outside. With soft nubuck material that prevents scratches and an internal Velcro to hold the iPad tightly in place.

• Automatic sleep/wake cover that folds into the 2 position stand.

• Snugg Promise which includes lifetime guarantee and ensures a perfectly snugg fit.

After a review like this – there is only one suitable word for someone to describe this amazing case in the most manly way possible. Snuggly.

Keep it snugg and get your own Snugg iPad Case here

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