The Greatest List of Must-Have Pet Gadgets

If you are a gadget lover like myself, and a pet lover…like someone else. There’s nothing more fitting than finding the most awesomest gadgets for your pet. Or someone else’s. Check out One More Gadget’s List of the Greatest Must-Have Pet Gadgets!

11. The Feline Tree House

Feline Tree House The Greatest List of Must Have Pet Gadgets

If you are the type to spoil your affectionate feline then this is it. The pinnacle of gadget gifts for any cat that loves to climb trees. You won’t need a fireman to get them down but you might have a hard time getting them to leave. Unless they are terrified of it or just don’t like it. Which, if your cat knows how much you spent on it, are pretty good odds.

Buy the Feline Tree House for your finicky cat here

10. Cat Hiding Pillow

cat hiding pillow The Greatest List of Must Have Pet Gadgets

It’s a known fact that all cats like to hide under things, in things and on top of things. My sister’s cat actually likes to climb in bags. I’m not sure when it figured out how to unzip and then zip up zippers but it did and it almost ended up on a plane — carry on style. Mew mew.

Get the pillow that’s perfect for hiding in here

9. The Dog Snuggie

snuggie for dogs The Greatest List of Must Have Pet Gadgets

Yup. I’m not going to lie, the Snuggie, er Snuggy was one of the biggest ‘As Seen On TV’ success stories of the year. Forget that it’s just a bathrobe turned backards, it’s genius. And now, it’s for your pet. They appreciate the geniusness of it too. Trust me, I asked them.

With this whole idea of taking something normal and using it backwards to make millions, I’ve thought of a few things that also might be the next ‘As Seen On TV’ success story:

• Scarfs
• Hats
• Women’s Makeup

Alright. I give up.

Get the dog snuggy here because it’s the one and only thing to be sold as another item backwards

8. The Potty Patch

the potty patch The Greatest List of Must Have Pet Gadgets

Yup. It’s ridiculously adorable. But somehow the idea of having the smell of urine mask the comfort of my home leaves me with raised eyebrows. I suppose this is one of those things that can go on your porch if you live in an apartment and have a doggy. On second thought, this Potty Patch thing is brilliant. Everyone should have one.

Get your potty patch for your apartment here

7. Pet Watering Top

pet watering top The Greatest List of Must Have Pet Gadgets

It was a really hot day one summer and I went rock climbing and shared my water with my friend who forgot his water. I’m guessing he thought I was finished with the bottle because when someone else’s dog wagged over to us he proceeded to dump the entire bottle of water out for this thirsty, thirsty dog.

At the end of the day I was pretty parched. Anyways. The above photo is a reenactment of exactly how it would look if you were approached by a dog while rock climbing and gave it water using the pet watering top. Notice how with this thing you’d still have some water left for your dehydrated, dying friend that was so generous enough to give you water in the first place.

Anyways, I was going to finish the story, but I was sidetracked by that cloud that looks like a devil goat.

Get the Pet Watering Top for dog, or someone elses’ here

6. Pet Observation Porthole

pet observation porthole The Greatest List of Must Have Pet Gadgets

Forget dogs, I could have used one of these as a kid. But I digress. Dogs are pretty curious animals, and with this observation porthole they can get a step up on the mailman.

Get the pet observation porthole here

5. The Holiday Doggie Babble Ball

holidaydoggybabbleball The Greatest List of Must Have Pet Gadgets

The Holiday Doggie Babble Ball is an interactive toy that talks to your pet when touched. Once the dog gets over the shock of  hearing it for the first time, it will end up liking it a lot, I swear.

You know, it’s a fun toy, but get used to replacing the batteries. It will drive you nuts because dogs love it and will take it with them everywhere.

Get your Doggie Babble Ball here

4. Chatter Bowl Talking Food Dish

chatter bowl The Greatest List of Must Have Pet Gadgets

If your pet gets lonely while you are out, why not record a message for him so he doesn’t miss you so much? You can even play his favorite music for him, which if I know dogs is most likely Elvis.

Also, this dish is a pretty good gadget for messing with company you have over. I am pretty sure if I recorded my Scooby Doo voice that I could fool people into thinking I owned a talking dog. Mmm these scooby snacks are tastay!

Get your chatter bowl talking food dish here

3. The Dog Umbrella Leash

umbrella leash The Greatest List of Must Have Pet Gadgets

Okay. So we’ve seen everything else, we might as well get umbrellas for our dogs. I’ll admit it’s way better than a raincoat for your dog, and the thought of actually having to dry them or give them a bath every time it rains doesn’t make sense if you can just get an umbrella.

And honestly, if your dog is named Mary Poppins, this is pretty much a must-have.

Get the umbrella leash here

2. Kitty and Dog IncrediBubbles

kitty bubbles The Greatest List of Must Have Pet Gadgets

These non toxic incredibubbles are super indestructible. They can dry out and still float around. They can even last on the grass, or your pet and not pop. Your pets will go nuts for them and go to great lengths to catch them. They are safe and also come in this tasty peach flavor. I of course had to test them out just to make sure. And even though pets don’t have as many taste buds as humans, Gizmo also gives them his seal of approval.

He drank the bottle.

And did I mention they were orange?

Get the pet bubbles incredibubbles here

1. Pet Eye’s View Digital Camera

Pet Eye View Camera The Greatest List of Must Have Pet Gadgets

This pet gadget has got to be one of the greatest of the year. Sure, after viewing the video feedback you might end up seeing a lot of doggy butt, but that’s part of the charm. Right? Right?

p2383 main The Greatest List of Must Have Pet Gadgets


  • Clip it to your dog or cat’s collar and record photos from their point of view.
  • Features:
    • 1, 5, 15 minute interval timer
    • PC and Mac compatible – true plug-and-play
    • 8mb SDRAM internal memory (not expandable)
    • Resolution: 640 x 480
    • Image capacity: 40 (jpeg)
    • Battery: lithium-ion, rechargeable (through usb cord)
    • Battery charge time: 1-2 hours
  • Collar must be minimum of 3/8″ wide
  • Includes: Camera, USB cord (approx 19″ long), and instructions
  • Weighs: approx 4.5oz
  • Dimensions: 2.25″ x 2″ x 0.75″

You can also set it to take video or photos at different intervals throughout the day. This lets you see what your dog gets up to during the day while you are gone. He won’t even know. Sneaky!

It also can be set up so you can watch it while you are at work if you are a little paranoid about him not using the potty patch and taking a liking to your bed instead.

Get the Pet Eye’s Video Camera here

Well there you have it! The Greatest list of Must-Have Pet Gadgets.

If you have any others you think should make the list, send us a note via our contact page.

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