20 of The Most Creative and Coolest Salt and Pepper Shakers Around

Some of my favorite things belong on a kitchen table. So what’s the best thing to go on a kitchen table? Condiments! Here’s a list of some of my favorite Salt & Pepper Shakers which will forever be known as ‘The Most Creative and Coolest Salt and Pepper Shakers Around’.

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1. Salty and Pepper

Knorr Salty and Pepper Shakers

This product all started with a really popular tv commercial featuring Salty, the unwanted salt shaker. Now everyone wants Salty and his bi-polar opposite friend grazing their kitchen tables. Yup, looks like he’s crying his salty tears all the way to the bank. And I don’t mean the food bank. Cha-ching!

Knorr Salt & Pepper Shakers

2. King & Queen Chess Mills

King & Queen Salt and Pepper Mills

We reviewed these awesome mills right here before and guys, I gotta say, they may be salty, but let me tell yah, these mills are saaawweeeeet. I love to grind.

It’s therapeutic.

3. Salt and Pepper ‘Bots

The Kitchen Table Tragedy

All your bouillabaiise are belong to us. These robots are awesome. Who wouldn’t want a robot shaker that winds up and walks across your table? It’s a rhetorical question.

The answer is obviously everyone.

4. Watering Can Shakers

Sarah's Garden Watering Can Salt and Pepper Shakers

These watering can salt and pepper shakers are genius. The whole idea of a watering can filled with salt and pepper instead of tasty hydrating water just boggles my mind. Something this cool will probably give me high blood pressure, simply due to it’s sheer awesomeness.

5. Shark Fins

We’ve reviewed these shark fin salt and pepper shakers before. But I plan on talking about these little guys until my jaws are sore. I’ve never heard so many two note theme songs being hummed when some one asks to ‘pass the salt’.


6. Batteries (Salt and Power)

Batteries have always gone hand and hand with salty tops, but it’s fortunate to know that licking these salty tops won’t result in severe pain followed by your tongue slowly melting away like licking real batteries. You might call it ‘A Salt and Battery’, but I like to call it the second best use of DD’s at the kitchen table.

7. Lego Blocks

Unique Lego Salt and Pepper Shakers

Ah yes, toys of my youth. I find it hard to resist not stacking these shakers – they look like they would fit. You see, all those years of playing with lego has paid off. My analytical abilities are astronomical.

Hey block head, get your Lego Salt and Pepper Shakers here

8. Hugging Ghosts

I’m still trying to figure out if they are hugging or wrestling. But I’m 100% positive they are ghosts. OR ARE THEY? haha, just kidding. They are.

Or are they?

Buy your Hugging Ghosties Salt Shakers here

9. Hugging Dolphins, why not?

Hugging Dolphins Salt and Pepper Shakers

Even though it looks like they are doing the Riverdance, I can assure you when they are put together they appear to be hugging. And even though I’ve never seen dolphins hug,  I’ve never seen a million dollars either.

And just between you and me, dolphins – they got a lot to hug about.

Flipping out right now! Get your Hugging Dolphins here

10. Good Chemistry

Good Chemistry Shakers Salty Peppery

Any time I can talk about something that’s in the shape of two balls, it’s a good thing. But these are no ordinary balls. They are chemical compounds! NaCl, otherwise known as Sodium Chloride, or commonly known as table salt and… hmm what is Pe?


There is no Pe in the period table of elements. Trust me, I checked. In fact, the chemical compound of ground pepper is composed of more than 100 different things. I had some ground pepper with last nights dinner and that chemical equation resulted with some tummy pains and severe noble gases. If you know what I’m saying.

Grab and handle these hard to balance ‘Good Chemistry’ shaker balls here

11. Star Trek Shakers

Star Trek USS Enterprise and Shuttle Shakers

My number one reason for reviewing these shakers was their sheer star power, it’s truly engaging. I know my warped sense of humor can’t be replicated, so even after probing the deep space of my kitchen table, with seating for 9, I finally found the napkins to wipe the klingons from my face and begin this review.  But now I’m kinda at that point I don’t really feel like I wanna laforge through it. Spock it.

Hit the jump to get your set of Star Trek Enterprise and Shuttle Salt shakers

12. Switch Salt & Pepper Shaker

Switch Salt and Pepper Shaker Fred and Friends

I am slowly going salty, 6 5 4 3 2 1 switch. Salty going slowly am I, 6 5 4 3 2 1 switch.

Switch it up and get your Switch Salt and Peppers here

13. The One-Handed Salt & Pepper Mills

One Handed Spring Action Shakers

I love these shakers. Mainly because I’m lazy.

Why would I want to use two hands when now I can use just one? Riddle me that. And with these one-handed shakers you can actually grind your salt AND your pepper at the exact same time, if that’s what you are into. I’m not though.

I only save the two-handers for special occasions. And impressing the ladies. Ohhhh yeaaaaah.

Use your free hand and grab your One-Handed shakers here

14. Tiki Pepper Mill

Tiki Pepper Grinder

I’m not really sure what tiki statues and pepper had in common before, but somehow, together it’s sawweet. Just press the big nose and out pops the pepper.

Hey, did you know that the real Easter Island Statues were actually made to insult a region of people? They were basically giant stone caricatures of the people they were poking fun at. So needless to say, I’m sure their ancestors, with the big noses will get plenty of these for Christmas this year. Or possibly Easter.

Grab your Easter Islandy Tiki Pepper Grinder here

15. Rain Shakers

Rain Shakers Cloud Salt and Pepper

These cloud shakers are pretty awesome. My expert forecast is calling for ‘cloudy with a chance of salty meatballs’! Simply shake these clouds to make them rain all over your meal. Genius.

Now, I can’t entirely recommend showering your meals with a blanket of salt and pepper, but a little sprinkle never hurt anyone.*

Enjoy your meal and grab your Rain Shakers here

*High amounts of salt may cause dehydration, high blood pressure, and possibly death. Rained on your parade.

16. Saltside Out Shaker

Saltside Out Inside Out Salt Shaker

This salt shaker boggles my mind. Its a shaker that puts the salt on the outside of the shaker! To fully understand the ingeniousness of this, one must completely disregard everyday things we often take for granted, like gravity for example. This literal out-of-the-box product creates a bizarro world right at your kitchen table. And here’s the part that’s really going to blow your mind.

You put the salt on your meal after you finish eating it.

Just kidding. That would be stupid.

Hit the jump to buy your SaltSide Out Shaker here

17. Retro Arcade Salt and Peppers

Space Invaders Slat and Pepper Shakers

Ah yes, super rad Retro Arcade Salt and Pepper Shakers. Pew Pew! These shakers are made from a space age material. They are pixelated, awesome and get a high score in my books. These truly are killer condiments for the table geek out there.

Get your own Retro Arcade Space Invaders Salt and Pepper shakers here

18. Mover and Shakers

Vibrating Salt and Pepper Shakers

These shakers may look like your ordinary traditional salt and pepper, but they pack a little extra vibrato. Just pull the string and watch your shakers vibrate all around your kitchen table. These are perfect for the weakling that would prefer to have a shaker do the shaking for you, or if you are lazy like me.

Grab your Mover and Shakers here

19. Salt and Pants

Salt and Pants Shakers

This little guy may look all innocent, but when he takes off his pants, things really start to heat up. This fun shaker set really gives ‘dressing your table’ a whole new meaning. They actually remind me of the hot pants that I’m wearing right now, they have a similar fit, without pleats, and are really fun to shake when I’ve taken them off. Yee haw!

Hit the jump to get your own Salt and Hot Pants here

20. Angel and Devil Shakers

Angel and Devil Salt and Pepper Shakers

Whether you prefer some salty goodness or adding a little heat to your meal, these shakers are the best to end things off with. I can’t think of a better way to cap the greatest list of the most creative and coolest shakers around than with these two guys. Unless of course this is your last meal.

Grab your Spice Boys Devil Shakers here


+1. Salt & Magic

Salt and Magic

Just wave your magic wand and watch the magic sparkles fly. And poof, just like magic, watch as heart disease magically appears!

If you believe in Magic, get them here!

Well there you have it! 20 of the Most Creative and Coolest Salt and Pepper Shakers Around. Got another you wanna add to the list? Share it below!

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4 Responses to “20 of The Most Creative and Coolest Salt and Pepper Shakers Around”

  1. 1 Suwaphat Chumnil Aug 18th, 2011 at 8:38 AM

    I like so much so nice idia will get one.”salt and pepper shakers around”

  2. 2 Tapan Nayak Feb 5th, 2012 at 4:35 AM

    we are interested for said product. pl. inform formalities

  3. 3 Felix Dietrich Mar 17th, 2016 at 8:07 PM

    Das ist sehr gut! Ich liebe!

  4. 4 Alaina May 8th, 2016 at 2:56 PM

    Another amazing one to add is https://www.behance.net/gallery/13453037/Pull-String-Peppermill by UX designer Austin Gardner. It looks like he created a working prototype before graduating from Syracuse University, really cool to see the casting process that goes on behind the scenes for such unique products!

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