The new modern Pen is truly mightier with Parker Pen Technology

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20111130 pcnd7yhb63r5cixuh287sbe6eh The new modern Pen is truly mightier with Parker Pen Technology

The newest Pens by Parker are a worthy gadget of anyone looking for the best in the latest trendy accessory. The Parker Ingenuity collection features technology that combines several writing styles all in one:

• The classic beautiful look of the fountain pen
• The smoothness and precision writing of the rollerball pen
• The ease and longevity of the common ball point pen
• The smudge-free, fluid experience of the porous point

All of these factors are the main reason why this pen is one of the best out there, and to top it off, it’s also one of the nicest looking pens you could own. Another bonus part of the innovation is the quick refill tip and beautifully engraved metallic hood that, together, are unmatched and the perfect finishing touch to your entire look.

20111130 38tr2tamq83usgf2635htn8ga The new modern Pen is truly mightier with Parker Pen Technology

I have to admit, the comments you get from using this pen in a meeting far surpass the talk that occurs from using a plastic blue pen with the lid half chewed off. The Parker Ingenuity Pen is the type of pen, when placed in the hands of your business associates, practically seals a deal all by itself. It’s truly the professional look that caps off your entire ensemble.

If you like the looks of this new advanced pen, like Parker on Facebook where you’ll be the first to find out about their upcoming Parker Pen Twitter parties. They are giving away some great prizes and you could be the first to own one of these amazing pens that are valued up to $200!

So let’s hear it! If you like these pens, comment below and let us know why.

 The new modern Pen is truly mightier with Parker Pen Technology

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  1. 1 Lester Ware May 11th, 2012 at 7:43 PM

    I sure would like to try one of these new pens. I enjoy seeing new technology for putting words on paper. I worked forty years in the manufacturing of office products. Now in retirement, advancements like this catch my eye. I love watching the field advance. Good luck to an already a great company.

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