The Paper Watch from SuckUK was made for chronic doodlers. Like us

Suck UK Paper Watch

Here’s a pretty nifty watch from SuckUK made almost entirely out of paper. It’s an open invitation to graffiti on your belongings–so we put some artistes to the test to see what they’d come up with. This watch was definitely made for the chronic doodler, and based on these babies, everyone else. Check em out!

One More Gadget Paper Watch Artwork

Not too shabby. We turned the paper watch into the Wonder Woman bracelet, an orange iPod sneaky enough to fool Steve Jobs, drew a bunch of ridiculously time consuming pencil sketches and of course my favorite–the shameless self promotion.

Each watch comes in plain white (to start with) and made from pretty thick matte paper. Our resident production expert says its about a 90 lb card stock which is roughly the equivalent weight of poster paper. Who’d a thunk it?

So needless to say it’s a pretty fun watch, and to top it off it also tells the time.

Get your Paper Watch from suckUK here

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